7 Packaging Design Tricks for Creating Amazing Product Packaging

Jun 4, 2019 | Packaging Design


How are you using effective packaging design to improve your product packaging? Product packaging is everywhere we look. Just enter any store and you’ll see tons of products and brands everywhere. Your favorite companies spend millions developing packages for their products.

But there’s good news for you.

Even though you don’t have a budget that large, you can still compete with them. Those large companies are using the same tips that I’m about to recommend to you. These tips are proven and will help you get more out of the print and package design processes.


1. Emphasize Your Core Values

There’s something to be said about honesty in advertising. One of the best ways to stand out is to let your core values drive your marketing efforts.

Unique selling propositions (USPs) like gluten-free, non-GMO, or organic are worth mentioning. No matter what, your customers are buying products because they solve their problems. Don’t shy away from the truth, own it, and emphasize it on your packaging.

You’d be surprised how many of your customers will appreciate this.


2. Don’t Overdesign Your Product Packaging

Less is always more when it comes to packaging design. So many companies make the mistake of putting too much on their product packaging.

You only have a few seconds to convince a customer to buy your product. You don’t want them to have to read a book to know what your product does.

Instead, you should focus on things like:

    • Building your brand identity by focusing on your logo and other company-specific imagery
    • Showcasing your USPs
    • Making it clear what problems your product solves
    • Providing only essential information

You have all the time in the world to market your story through social media and online. Save your product packaging for converting browsers into buyers.


3. Know Your Customers

I can’t emphasize this point enough. If you don’t know what your target customer looks like, go back to the drawing board. It’s nearly impossible to market a product if you don’t know who you’re selling it to.

Marketing a product to a general audience isn’t impossible, but it requires the right product. The more specialized your product is, the more specialized your target customer likely is too.

Let’s use food packaging as an example.

A gluten-free product is attractive to a few segments of the market.

    • Health conscious individuals
    • Those with conditions like Celiac Disease
    • People on gluten-free diets

But a regular consumer is probably less interested in something that’s gluten-free. It’s not that they don’t like it, but they have no concept of why they need it.

Great packaging design will focus on reaching out to its target customers while leaving the ability to remarket to potentially interested customers outside of the initial focus.


4. Use the Right Typography

How many times have you turned away from a product because of bad typography? Bad typography can cost you business. Remember, you only have a few seconds to win a customer over. If they can’t read the text on your package, it’s game over.

Stick to typography that is legible, clear, and concise.

Here are a few tips to consider:

    • Select a few fonts that you will use in your packaging design
    • You want your typography to showcase major claims, benefits, and to demonstrate how your product solves problems
    • Choose colors that fit your brand and the overall design of your product packaging
    • Follow the less is more rule


5. Use Quality Materials

The overall build quality of your product packaging is important. Low-quality packaging will cheapen your brand.

Think about it like this…

Why should a customer purchase your products if the packaging itself feels cheap? They’ll just assume your products are cheap too.

Let’s use another example.

It’s safe to assume that you’ve purchased an Apple product at some point in your life. There’s something to be said about the overall feel of their packaging. The package itself is weighty, it feels durable, and everything looks pristine.

High-quality packaging is another branding opportunity. Your packaging has to protect your product, but it should also stand as a testament to the quality of your products. Whenever possible, go with higher quality materials.


6. Think About How It Looks on the Shelf

Your product packaging has to account for many things. It must explain what value a shopper will receive, how your product works, and display any other relevant information.

But another thing many companies forget is how their product will look on the shelf. Your packaging design must account for this.

So, what elements should you show? Here are a few ideas:

    • Highlight important branding elements like your logo
    • Take advantage of stylistic patterns that will capture a shopper’s attention
    • Use bold language to encourage engagement
    • Stand out from the crowd by emphasizing your uniqueness


7. Understand Current Trends

Packaging design trends are constantly changing. What worked ten years ago doesn’t necessarily work today.

When designing packages for your products, see what trends are dominating. You want to look at elements like:

    • Design style (think something like minimalism)
    • Color
    • Typography
    • Imagery
    • Copy tone and messaging
    • Materials

Don’t be afraid to spy on your competitors. See what’s working for them and if you can learn anything from their mistakes.

Understanding packaging design trends will ensure that you get the right packaging for your products.


Looking for a Packaging Design Specialist?

I’m a graphic designer with years of experience working with brands to help them create impactful packaging for their products.

If you are looking for a packaging design specialist, please contact me and tell me a little bit about your project.

Great packaging design can make all the difference in your ability to sell your products. I’m here to help you design packaging that fits your brand and helps you reach your target customers.


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Enhance Your Business Through the Power of Design

Stay up to date on everything graphic and web design with my monthly newsletter.

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