Here’s Why Your Website Needs to Be Built On WordPress in 2019

Dec 4, 2018 | Web Design


Are you finding it difficult to choose between WordPress or a custom website? Most agencies will try and upsell you on a fully-custom website. But you probably don’t need this. We’ve already talked about why freelancers are better than big agencies in the past.

Here’s the truth.

A WordPress website is often the best option for small businesses. Custom websites are great, but they aren’t always the best choice. They tend to be more expensive, require a larger team of designers, and are harder to update in the future.

That’s where WordPress comes in. There’s no excuse for not having a website when a platform like WordPress exists. So, with 2019 around the corner, let’s talk about why you need to get on WordPress already.


What Is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world. It’s estimated that 27% of the Internet is powered by WordPress.

You read that right.

Nearly 75,000,000 websites are using WordPress.

You’ll often hear the term content management system thrown around. WordPress is a sophisticated content management system. But what makes it so special?


1. It’s Cost-Effective for Small Businesses

Custom websites aren’t cheap. The average small business doesn’t need a custom-coded website. For basic products and services, a brand-specific 5-page WordPress website is probably enough.

Here’s the deal.

You don’t need to hire a web developer to code you a website from the ground up. The problems you face have likely already been solved by plugins on WordPress.

Why pay more for something that’s not needed? A high-end website can easily be made on WordPress and outfitted with whatever plugin you need.

WordPress is cost-effective because many web designers are familiar with it. It’s not hard to find talented individuals to help you build a website on WordPress. The trickiest part is finding the right designer to bring your brand to life on the web.


2. Huge Community of Developers and Designers

WordPress has a massive community supporting it. Whatever you need, it’s never more than a click away. From plugins to templates, you can find it all.

The platform is extremely accessible. A quick glance at the official marketplace suggests there are more than 55,475 plugins. These plugins are designed to solve specific problems. They can be incorporated into almost any theme, making them versatile.

It’s this level of support that makes WordPress such a popular option. Everything you need (for the most part) has already been created and can often be obtained for free or be purchased for a reasonable fee.

With a custom website, you’d likely have to pay thousands to have a specific feature developed. That price wouldn’t even include future updates either.


3. Responsive Webdesign is Practically Baseline

Responsive web design is a must these days. This type of design involves creating a website that works for most devices.

And you know what?

It’s not really optional anymore. Mobile devices are already outpacing traditional computers. Google has taken notice of this too. They actively punish websites that provide a subpar mobile experience.

Responsive design is where WordPress excels.

Most WordPress themes use responsive design by default. That means you never have to worry about getting penalized by Google.


4. Great Platform for Content Marketing

Do you have a blog? If you have a website, you probably do. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to market to your customers. You’re reading this post on a blog right now.

WordPress makes it really easy for you to publish and update existing content. Implementing posts is beginner-friendly. For a simplified experience, you can use the visual editor. If you’re looking for more customization, you can enter your custom code into the text editor.

Don’t stress though.

You don’t have to use the text editor if you don’t want to. But just having the to option is great. In most cases, your web designer may use the text editor if they want to make edits to your website’s code.


5. Google Likes WordPress

I mentioned Google’s focus on responsive, mobile-friendly design above. Let’s talk about that a little more. Google likes WordPress sites. We already know this. Why? Because one of the big things Google looks for is fresh content and a secure experience. WordPress websites are easy to update and add content to.

That doesn’t mean you should spam your website with nonsense. However, a thoughtful content marketing strategy goes a long way. Curating helpful content that your users will like is a good idea. It’ll also help you make Google happy, which we all know is important if you want to rank high in the search results.


6. Easy to Make Changes

Your business is going to change over time. Maybe you add a few new products or services. With WordPress, making these changes is easy. All it takes is a quick call to your original web designer.

Template themes can be updated and modified at any point. And because most themes come with support, they are usually up to date so long as they are within the original license period.

So that means…

You don’t have to fear growth with WordPress. Where a fully-custom website may cost thousands to add a few pages, your WordPress website can be quickly updated with a very reasonable cost.


Let’s Build Your Website on WordPress

Are you ready to build your website on WordPress? If so, I’m ready to help you make that happen.

Gridience is ideal for small businesses owners looking for the total branding package. I help you create your branding guide, logo, website, and everything you need to make your business stand out.

Do you need a WordPress website and branding? Contact me by email and tell me about your project. I’ll let you know if I think we’re a good fit.

There’s a lot you can do for your business on WordPress. I’d be happy to show you how WordPress can transform your business.


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Enhance Your Business Through the Power of Design

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