7 Ways DIY Marketing and Branding Are Hurting Your Business (Part 1)

May 22, 2018 | Brand Development

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As a small business owner, most times the primary goal is to make a profit. So cutting costs as much as possible becomes a necessity, however, it’s wise to know those costs to cut and the ones not to.

Actually, to DIY may look smart to do. But when it’s about your business branding and marketing, if you don’t get it right it may pose a bigger problem.

One reason for creating a business brand is to stand out and have a unique selling point and brand message that correlate with your business goals. This might not be achievable if you opt-in for an already made template to design your graphics and logos. Other users of such templates will be sharing the same brand design as you, so your business brand might suffer from being visible and lack uniqueness.

As you read on, you’ll discover reasons why DIY branding and marketing can be a threat to your business rather than help.

  • 1. It Can Affect Your Business Goals

    As a small or medium size business owner, you’ll surely have a busy schedule to ensure your business is running successfully. Unless you’re a marketing guru or a professional graphic designer you can’t handle all these tasks effectively. Sidelining your area of speciality to face marketing or branding which you’re not so good at can negatively affect your business.

    There are professionals that invested time, energy and money to become a guru in those aspects and that’s their job. You can save your time and energy by hiring a graphic designer to create designs which align with your business goals and communicates your consistent brand message to your target audience.

    Hiring a professional graphic designer ensures that you invest your time effectively in other areas of your business. It also guarantees that your business marketing and branding are in the best hands.

    2. First Impressions Are Everything

    Your logo, visual designs and other marketing tools you use for your business matter. They are the first encounter a prospect or client has with your business and that determines a lot.

    Communicating your brand message effectively requires an expert. If you don’t do it right and capture your client’s or prospect with the best first impression you might lose them to other brands. Quality matters in the world of business. Hiring a professional will ensure effective branding tools and visual marketing are used to convert your leads into customers.

    3. Stand Out From The Crowd

    DIY branding has its advantages but not without disadvantages. Lack of uniqueness and more importantly strategy are shortcomings for using copy and paste templates. If you’re copying a ready-made template to design your business logo or visual marketing, it’s possible other people are doing the same. In order for your brand to be successful and stand out, strategies should be in place, and those templates do not obviously provide them aligned with your unique business.

    Hiring a graphic professional will ensure your design stand out from the crowd. They will customize the designs to fit your brand message and help boost your business goals with focused branding strategies to do so. A professional graphic designer will help you create effective marketing materials to tailor your message in the real way the target audience will appreciate.

In the second part of this post, we will discuss more on why hiring a professional graphic designer will help your business achieve its goals, communicate your branding message effectively to your target audience and boost your business brand.


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Enhance Your Business Through the Power of Design

Stay up to date on everything graphic and web design with my monthly newsletter.

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