7 Ways DIY Marketing and Branding Are Hurting Your Business (Part 2)

Jun 5, 2018 | Brand Development

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As discussed in the first part of this topic, branding is a way of communicating your business values and brand promises to your prospects. Showing them the memorable experience and benefits they will get by working with you. So communicating this in a wrong or ineffective way can affect your brand more than you can imagine.

Let’s check out more ways how doing it yourself branding can hurt your business and reasons why hiring a professional is profitable.

  • 4. It Can Affect Your Branding Message

    Definitely, you can create your brand materials yourself using any available DIY graphic design tools. These tools claim to make your designs easy and cost-effective. If you have chosen to do your marketing and branding yourself, it may look cool to you. But it can be disappointing in the long run. You can get stuck or confused on the way.

    The free available templates won’t tell you the right colors that fit your brand or the correct slogans to use. It also does not develop consistency in branding, as you are choosing what “looks good” without carefully considering how it communicates your brand. Those DIY templates won’t analyze your business to know the right approach to communicate your brand message to the correct audience.

    When creating your business brand you need a professional opinion to help you assess your brand message and ensure it’s the right message your audience needs. What feels right to you might not be acceptable to your audience and you need them to ensure your business thrives.

    Hiring a professional designer will ensure you use the correct marketing tools for your business to deliver your brand message effectively with consistency.

    5. DIY Doesn’t Really Save Money

    You get more when your marketing campaign brings in more returns. Cutting the cost of your marketing campaign will help you save money, but hiring a professional graphic designer and investing in a great marketing campaign will help you generate more money.

    So in the real sense, you’re depriving yourself of more income while thinking of cutting cost by doing it yourself.

    6. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

    There is a difference between using a professional to solve your marketing problems and solving it yourself. You might think you have what it takes to handle the branding and marketing tasks after browsing the Internet and watching some YouTube videos. But that can’t be compared to allowing someone with mastery and relevant experience handle your branding and marketing tasks.

    What you’re ignorant of can hurt you. What you don’t know, you don’t know, simple. Using the wrong marketing and branding tools can hurt your business brand.

    Without the experience and skills a professional has, you can have difficulty in doing your branding yourself. Creating a marketing and branding strategy require training. An attractive logo or nice slogans alone doesn’t convert visitors into clients. A professional designer with experience in branding and marketing will evaluate your business to come up with the correct strategy that will convert visitors into customers.

    7. The Wrong Branding Tools Can Affect Your Credibility

    It’s that simple and straightforward, people won’t see you as a professional or an expert if your visual marketing tools are half-baked designs and look amateurish.

    If your designs don’t relate to your level of expertise and how good you’re and your business is, you might lose your credibility. So why don’t you avoid that risk of people looking down on your brand by hiring a professional to do your designs?

    Also, you should see designs as a tool to generate more income. If your old design isn’t doing that for you, you need a new one. So why settle for less when the best is preferable? Doing it yourself may not be what you think, it can take more than what it’s giving back.

On a final note, creating a design that converts prospects into customers isn’t about what you feel is right. It’s about communicating to your prospects the brand experience they will get by working with you. Thus the need for a professional to ensure you’re not biased toward your audience.


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Enhance Your Business Through the Power of Design

Stay up to date on everything graphic and web design with my monthly newsletter.

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