4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cheap Out When It Comes to Logo Design

Jun 19, 2018 | Brand Development

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Your logo says a lot about your company. When your customers first find you, your logo is often the first thing they see. And because of this, that makes your logo a powerful branding tool that needs to look and feel authentic and as if it was thoroughly researched to capture the personality, values, and goals of your business.

But this isn’t always the case.

Time and time again, I see companies using mass-logo services to create logos that exist, but capture none of the unique aspects that make your business special.

When looking to have a logo design, it is important that you find a graphic design studio that takes the time to get to know you, your company, your brand, and one that researches your target audience and industry. Because if your logo is going to create memorable first impressions, it needs to align with the type of brand that you are trying to build.

In this article, I’m going to discuss four reasons why you shouldn’t cheap out when it comes to logo design.

1. Owning Graphic Design Software Doesn’t Mean You’re Good

I’ve seen this many times. A business owner has an old copy of Adobe Photoshop, or a subscription to Adobe. They open up photoshop and start crafting their own Frankenstein logo.

Look, you may have great ideas, but it’s important to know your limitations. I’m a graphic and web designer by trade, but when it comes to something like video production, I have no issues reaching out for help.

Those same rules apply to graphic design, and more specifically, logo design. Paying an established graphic design artist to help you illustrate your company in logo form is worth the price.

Just remember this.

When you hire one, you are paying for their knowledge of design, their processes, and their expertise. And that information alone is worth a lot and will help you create – not just a logo – but the right logo for your business.

2. Great Designers Don’t Do Spec (Free / Sample) Work

Spec work – the one word everyone in the design industry hates. Why? Because no one wants to work for free. It isn’t fair to expect high quality work if you are asking your graphic designer to create logo design concepts for free.

Think about it like this.

Do you think your graphic design artist is going to give it their all if they know the job isn’t secure? I understand that businesses sometimes have small budgets, that they are worried about scams, and that they want to make sure that the graphic designer they are looking to hire is a good fit. These are all fair points, but that’s why designers always showcase their portfolios.

Take the time to browse their portfolios to see what style of design they use, to see what areas they excel at, and to determine if they are a good fit.

Me personally, I’m a huge fan of minimalism, grid-based design, and typography. While my graphic design services cover a wide range of styles, I prefer the ones I mentioned above because they’re my strengths.

3. High Quality Logo Design Is Well-Researched Design

$5 logo design services will definitely create you a logo. If you run a pet shop, your logo may feature a dog and your name.

But ask yourself these questions:

  • Does that logo really do anything for your business?
  • How does it make you any different from your competition?
  • Would you not prefer a logo that is well-researched and personalized to your business?

Graphic design takes time and is an intimate process. Any reputable graphic designer will take the time to learn your business, what makes it unique, your industry (competition and target audience), and other details to create a logo that oozes originality and doesn’t come across as generic like so many other pet shops.

4. A Professional’s Touch Is Valuable

The process of design involves many details. While the finished product may be a logo, your graphic designer spent countless hours looking over things like typography, color contrast, spacing, and kerning (the spacing between letters).

Each and every detail may seem insignificant on their own, but when you pair them together they come to life.

Yet, when these details are ignored – and trust me, less experienced designers sometimes ignore something as basic as kerning – it really shows. Ordinary words suddenly become big problems and your entire logo has to be sent back to the drawing board.

I mentioned it above, but when you work with a professional graphic designer, you are paying for more than just a logo. You are also paying for their processes, knowledge, and expertise. And this information is a valuable thing. After all, they’ve spent years working and developing their skills, just like you have in your own respective line of work.

Hiring cheaper, budget-designers is always an option. I’m not going to tell you it isn’t, but I do want to warn you that these types of designers work on volume and rarely take the time to help you design a logo that is right for your business.

Here’s What I Believe

You probably want a logo that showcases your business and all the hard work you’ve put into developing it. Well, one of the best ways to protect your time investment when it comes to logo design is to hire a professional graphic designer that prides themself that same level of hard work, and who treats your business like it is their own.

That’s exactly why I founded Gridience. I wanted to provide a collaborative approach to graphic and web design. You may have questions, a potential project to discuss, or just want to chat – and that’s fine. I’d love to chat. Simply fill out the contact form so we can connect and talk about your logo.


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Enhance Your Business Through the Power of Design

Stay up to date on everything graphic and web design with my monthly newsletter.

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